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About Me

Hi! I'm Ami Gevariya...

I’m a pharmacist turned parenting and motherhood coach and the mother of a happy and confident son, Aum Gevariya. After being a mother, I realised the challenges a mother faces during her motherhood journey, like postpartum depression, being unable to manage work-life balance, being judged by society, etc. I founded the Happy Motherhood Hub in 2023 to help mothers overcome these challenges. I am on a mission to help 100,000 mothers become happy and confident and to raise happy, confident, independent, and intelligent children through my 'Happy Motherhood Model'.

Happy Motherhood

I am on a mission to empower new mothers in overcoming difficulties such as anxiety, stress, postpartum depression, juggling job and family obligations, and social stigma, in order to cultivate their happiness and enable them to raise confident, joyful children.

Early Childhood Parenting

Using my expertise in parenting and life coaching, I empower mothers to develop parenting skills, find happiness and confidence, and contribute to their families and society.

Happy Motherhood Hub

I founded this community in 2023 to help mothers overcome challenges they face during their motherhood journey

Our Community

The Happy Motherhood Hub

The Happy Motherhood Hub is the fastest growing community of happy and confident mothers.

Follow Self-Care Routine

Learn the art of best self-care practices while you are in the webinar itself.

Learn Parenting Skills

Learn different skills required for better parenting like proper breastfeeding, massage, communication, raising a kid in joint or nuclear family, handaling tantrums etc.

Be A Part Of Community Where You Can Grow

Learn how to surround yourself with positive and growing mothers in order to be in the zone of learning, growth and happines.

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I must say you are doing great job..nowadays when people just seat and do gossips, negative talks and use social media for just time pass rather than you are some one who coming up with really good stuff which is really helpful to all people as sometimes the content you delivered that not only useful being parent but it is also useful for our routine life (you know focus on our goal, positivity rather than obstacle those are coming on our way)

Dhwani Dyer

You are a jem. May God give you and your family strength. Happy to know the things you are sharing. You are a positive person and the content you shares helps me a lot. Thank you

Shilpa Prajapati

Thank you so much for all the information dear. I was looking for right source, though I am a child psychologist. I am very much aware about all these but I was unable to find a perfect system for this. Thank you sharing it.

Richa Patel